So who is the serpent with the forked tongue?

Once upon a time not very long ago, supernatural, unearthly and otherworldly phenomenon has been unfolding in the land of the Abbey, the spiritual motherland of the Goths, where Dracula and his vampires once stalked the streets in search of blood to extract from jugulars.

Are you brave enough to take a step into the unknown and enter the world of magical forces that surround Constantine, who came into being within the realm of the Abbey?

Constantine once told the elect that it is all symbolic, we are not coming from the garden of Eden, as is written in the magicians handbook, we have evolved towards it. A possible heaven on earth here for the taking.

The only thing that stands in the way of the golden age coming into all its stupendous glory are the few destroyers who claim to be of God but cling to the ways of Satan for their own self seeking, greed ridden, fleeting gains.

Constantine’s truth is simple, life is a circle, it goes round and around. Her own life and the many songsters and scriptures that have marked her way bearing witness to this fact.

In this life she incarnated in the female form to free, finally, once and for all time, the oppression that has been inflicted on womankind, by mere mortal men (of God?), since time immemorial.
She had once explained to the elect that all that is required to free the world from the wicked is to educate them to the workings of spirit, thus causing them to turn away from the destruction they wreak on our beautiful mother earth and the innocents therein. But the elect doubted her truth! They chose to listen to the serpent with the forked tongue! They failed to examine the works of each, the fruits of their labour.

So it came to pass that the old serpents forked tongue had nullified and cast as nought the words that should have unified the entire globe against the down-pressers! Which was a great pity, as even the one with the forked tongue had sacrificed a former life to this very end!

Matthew. 16 v 23. But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me Satan: thou art a stumbling block unto me: for thou mindest not the things of God, but the things of men.

Salvation seemed lost! The forked tongue of the fisher of men was ruining heavens plan!

The final battle of good over evil was successfully rendered null and void, along with the works of the innumerable Saints and prophets down the long reaches of time!

The great unification seemed irredeemable!

The last evolutionary leap had been when the symbolic Eve had eaten of the tree of knowledge whereby the unconscious apes, who were blissfully unaware of death, became conscious humans and thus fearful of death.

This evolutionary cross over is to say, we are immortal, where is thy sting oh death?. The beginning and the end of the fear of death.

But the men of ego gave no credence to the words of the woman!

So was yet another living planet destined to perish at the hands of the wicked?

Constantine was cast into a living pit of abject despair, the weight of the world on her shoulders, she was clinging on by her finger tips watching 2,000 years of history going down the pan!

The other one who also landed on earth in the shadow of the Abbey screamed in her ears…

…she had fallen far behind and the war mongers and the greed ridden were leading the world to destruction…

Then she got up and began again because she is a warrior on the edge of time…

…and she addressed the saintly songsters/demons “whatever ” and the sinners, those beautiful crazy ones…


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