Calling All Youth…Free World To Usher In…Tell ’em How It Is.

This one is going out to the youth of the world.

You kids must wonder what sort of sick, shit hole of a planet you’ve landed on yeah?

Well don’t worry about it because you are the aliens that have been sent to save this inside out upside down world where those that shout the loudest about God are often the ones who abuse others mercilessly, in His Holy name, for crimes that don’t even get proven, or crimes which aren’t even crimes!

You kids are here, along with an army of Saintly Songsters, to tell these thugs who call themselves leaders of kingdoms, representatives of God on earth, etc., LOUD and CLEAR…that God loathes the very ground they walk on for the barbarous, inhumane way they treat HIS beloved children on earth!

Who the very fook do they think they are? They dare to use Gods Holy name to big themselves up so that they can strut about with their sticks and their swords beating the populace below them, particularly women, for some crime ‘against God?’ which is no crime! Is making love a crime against God? Is dressing the way you so desire a crime against God? Is it a crime against God for men and women to mix, to dance together, to have fun, to sing, to be free? NO IT IS NOT!!!

Read all about the totally disgraceful laws the mere mortal men have made up off the tops of their heads in order to wield power over the ordinary people in Gods Holy name!

And the British government aids and abets them, selling them arms!

Well we are here to tell these mere mortal men, whoever they are, that in the greater scheme of things they will reap every flogging, every beheading, every stoning etc., they have inflicted on others because yes, indeed, God is Great, He owns their very souls. And yes, the universe is vast. There are many habitable planets out there in varying degrees of evolution. Some highly evolved, which this one is on the verge of being. Others not so highly evolved. So, unless these men of wickedness and outrageous cruelty beg forgiveness from God for all their perverse and abhorrent workings, then they shall spend the rest of all eternity reaping all they have sown.

Like Damian, one of the Marley boys, sings…

And it was written up in the book of life. That man shall live for ever more.

Some of them shall, the spiritually clean.

The warped and twisted who use Gods Holy name to carry out their depraved and profane evilness against others will become lion food or worse.

We are spiritual beings, we reap all we sow.

Cain and Abel show us that innocent people get hurt. Cain shows us that the price of  crime has to be paid, but, if they acknowledge and beg forgiveness for their crimes against others, then accept the punishment that must be tolerated with grace, then they will be forgiven. But, they all WILL reap the fruits of their labours. It is written and it is sung…

…so, be careful that the wroth you bring down upon yourself is even to dreadful for you to bear. ‘Cause Jah no dead…

You may start to rejoice daughters of God. On this day you are free, free from the bondage of slavery. You are free daughters of God. NOT chattels belonging to mortal men! Woe betide any mortal man who treats you so!

This is Gods law. If anyone harms another, be it in attack or defence, they will pay the price. That is why we are taught not to judge. That person born with one leg (Adam Hills, I love you.), might in a previous incarnation have been a defender who saved many lives by taking on soul debts of his own.

The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) who taught an eye for an eye, didn’t teach it to be literal, to be inflicted in cruelty by mortal men! He taught that in the spiritual realm, souls that are guilty of inflicting harm towards others, must accept that they have to be punished for their crimes and are thus incarnated into positions that they may learn the lessons from. If they refuse to learn the lessons then they shall fade away into the mists of history and suffer eternal punishment in the natural world. It is written and sung. Mother nature can be a very cruel mistress! So be careful you don’t fade away…

…on the other hand, some peoples incarnations may appear to be a punishment, Stephen Hawking for example, but were in fact chosen by themselves in order to allow circumstance to aid them to get where they desire to go, ie, Stephen Hawking desired his mind to fly freely.

Yours most sincerely,

Constantine Payne.


So who am I?

I am the Lord of the Dance.

She Sells Sanctuary.

All About Eve. Share it with me…

She is God like. She is here again. She has has come to take me home.

Haven’t you heard the dead shall dance on Judgement Day. Resurrection Shuffle.


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