For Mr. Cameron and his cronies.

Dear Mr. Cameron and cronies,

let us be absolutely clear about this, it’s the end of the age. The time of the final judgement! The one where the wheat gets sorted from the chaff. The one where names get blotted out of the book of eternal life!

As you’re about to discover, I am Gods mouthpiece and I’m obliged to tell you that you and your cronies aren’t doing very well! In fact you are failing quite drastically! So, as things stand, I own your immortal souls. Mmmwwwhahaha. Everyone pops their clogs one day Mr. Cameron and the universe is vast! God alone knows where you might end up for your sins against your brothers and sisters under heaven, you and your fellow toss err I mean toffs, have sold your immortal souls. Mmmwwwhahaha. Have you ever watched a cat tormenting a mouse Mr. Cameron? Just to give you an idea of what your future might hold… πŸ™‚

You see in God’s heaven you are supposed to be servants of the people, yet you and your pals are living the high life while the most disadvantaged are dying in their hundreds and thousands because of your judgements! Those innocents that have already died under your abominable watch will return to the merry go round of life one day, when they are ready πŸ™‚ I’m not sure about you and your pleb…I mean people… though, that is entirely down to whether or not you make suitable amends? You could well discover yourselves crawling about on your bellies one day in the future, like the snakes in the grass you are!

The world dies screaming but what are you and your inept bunch of toss…I mean toffs… doing about it?

The Arctic Circle melt has accelerated by the fastest rate for over thirty years! So, what is being done to protect the indigenous way of life in the Arctic Circle? How are the world governments working towards saving the polar bears environment and preserving the vegetation and plant life that supports the caribou, reindeer and migratory bird populations? How do you plan on safeguarding the world from global sea level rises?

Oh yes, you would have allowed a huge corporate battle to ensue, a titanic struggle for power over the vast untapped mineral resources and the mother lode of oil and gas that would reap MASSIVE monetary wealth for the oil industry!

And that was after this…

The delicate environment and the way of life of the indigenous people can be damned, the health of mother earth can go to hell, nothing else matters to you when there is BIG money involved! Isn’t that so Mr. Cameron?

You really are not very clever at all are you?

However the people are and people power eventually won that battle…

…but there is a long way to go.

Then there is The Amazon Rain Forest. 25% of our oxygen can be attributed to The Amazon Rain Forest.

Yet Brazil’s President, Dilma Rousseff, has stubbornly gone ahead with allowing the Belo Monte Dam, which will be the third largest dam in the world to be built in the Rain Forest!

She also plans to build 400 more dams in the Rain Forest by 2030, if the world survives that long?!!

The Rain Forests are the lungs of the earth, the governments that allow their destruction are the cancer that is killing them! Also, the clue is in the name…Rain Forest…when the Rain Forests are gone where does the rain go? Anywhere it fkin pleases that’s where, so all you people out there who have had their lives devastated by floods, you now know who caused your distress.

So what are you and your cronies doing about that problem Mr. Cameron? Not a lot!

Aw, hang on, I forgot, you’ve got ATOS actively sending the disabled to their premature deaths and thus depopulating the world!

As a ‘supposed?’ Christian man Mr. Cameron, which part of Thou Shalt Not Kill did you fail to understand? You WILL be held accountable for every life prematurely lost under your watch!

Then there is Fukushima Mr. Cameron, remember that? Still spewing out radiation!

So what are the world governments doing about solving that catastrophe? Oh, yes…nothing! The top nuclear scientists the world over should be out there NOW sorting out this nightmare of a situation…but no, our ‘glorious?’ leaders are more intent on creating yet more death and destruction, while they increasingly deny us, the people they are supposed to be in service to, our vital services!

You see folks, many of the leaders and religions the globe over have proclaimed to be acting in God’s name to keep us naughty little demons under the rule of their man made laws, thereby stealing our freedom, wealth and health? The world dies screaming yet corruption, murder and mayhem rules, injustice and lies attack us from every corner, be it political, corporate or religious.

So, who am I?

Well, some 2.000 years ago a son of man, or was he an alien?, came to earth to speak truth…the bastard sons of Satan crucified him for no crime!!! Not only that but they built a repressive religion, that to this day holds women as second class citizens and thinks it can dictate what they do with their bodies, in his name!!! He was a rebel rousing r-evolutionary, sent by God, who said he would be back at the end of the age to usher in the new world. And what a wondrous one it is.
Bob Marley sang, there is a natural mystic blowing. πŸ™‚ Blow wind blow. πŸ™‚

I say this…each and every soul is the master of their own vessel to do good or evil. Life is a circle, it goes round and around. You live, you die, you return to spirit. Then, depending on your actions on earth, you can either plan your next incarnation on earth, or indeed any one of the inhabitable orbs in this vast universe freely, or, you get it planned for you! It’s the end of the age, the time of the FINAL judgement…names are to be blotted out of the book of eternal/intelligent life…it is written in the very book that their mere mortal men of ‘God?’ have corrupted down the long reaches of time for their own unrighteous ends! The God they have thrust upon us for way too long has had his Satanic day…it is time to introduce them to the real God…the God of true love and justice. It’s time for the righteous to dance while the men of evil contemplate the time when they shuffle off their mortal coil to stand naked before the perfect God of love, with their every earthly action, their every earthly thought laid open for all to witness.

It doesn’t appear to be looking too good for certain people does it? Robbing bankers, corrupt poli-trick-ians, despots, the thugs who uphold the unjustified, cruel regimes, or indeed the organized religions…one of which proclaims that every sperm is sacred?!!! Yeah right!!! We all stand witness to just how intelligent that doctrine has proven to be! A global population pushing 7 billion, most of them desperately poor with many others suffering the abject hell of a slow and agonizing death through starvation!!! And all the while certain priests of the golden bull are sowing their seeds in the rectums of choirboys FFS!!! And that’s without mentioning the blatant wallowing in vast wealth while the world dies screaming!!! God is love. They sow hell on earth in His Holy name!!! They and the war mongering governments who uphold the greed ridden bankers and the earth destroying corporations ARE instruments of Satan! They are destroying God’s creation and the innocents therein for their own self-righteous, self seeking ends!!! They WILL be removed from the book of eternal life unless they turn their backs on their unrighteous actions and start making amends…RAPID LIKE…for all the grief, torment and destruction their actions have caused to the creation God loves. All they have to do to save their immortal souls is to turn away from their evil ways and give everything they’ve got and more to save the creation that God so loves. This miserable, murderous, sick world that these people have wrought for their own greed ridden ends is not the one that God desires for His beloved children! He wants to see free, happy, laughing, healthy, caring, creative and most of all, loving children on mother earth, who are taught truth, not the lies these mere mortal men spin in order to cling to their satanic power!

So, who am I?

You decide.

But I state this, I am here to claim my inheritance, which is to be shared, in equality, with every creed, colour, race and nation on mother earth, in peace, love and justice. It is written in THE book.

So who would care to climb on board the old Holy roller and tell the bastard sons of Satan how it really is and how it shall be for them unless they start doing it right?

Your servant in truth,

Constantine Payne.


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