I know not what weapons WW3 will be fought with, but WW4 will be sticks and stones.

Mr Putin is shouting that nuclear war is coming? He is appealing for the world to wake up to this fact because the fools who presently run the world and the lying media clowns could well cause the destruction of the entire planet!

And John Pilger: Washington prepares for World War III…”America, nuclear weapons are on high alert, as are Russia’s. China who had nuclear weapons on low alert have taken on board that China is being seriously threatened and has submarines on patrol, armed with nuclear weapons, in the Pacific ocean for the first time!”

Albert Einstein quote…

“I know not with what weapons WW3 will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

“BREXIT SIGN OF SECOND COMING…”Published on 29 Jun 2016. “The United Kingdom Of Great Britain just made a move that triggers the start of ancient end times prophecy, THAT INDICATES THE RETURN OF CHRIST IS EVEN AT THE DOORS!! ”

Towards the end of the video, this chap states that the young lions are countries. The bible is brilliantly multifarious in its many layered meanings. I can show you the young lions whose gifts are much better than silver and gold. They are spiritual truths. And many of these young lions are spreading their gifts on Englands green and pleasant land now.
He also points out how England is now doing trade with those very nations who have no respect for the human rights of their people!


So who am I?

Well, in numerology my number is 999. Jesus = 9, Christ = 9 and 6+6+6 = 1+8 = 9. Turn it upside down and what do you have? 666 the number of the biblical beast.😉
Inside the Devil and All His Works, Gabriel blows his horn and Seven Trumpets.


Did you think God doesn’t have a sense of humour?

Check out the book of revelation because in the early 90’s I took on the newly privatized Water Authority. I am exceedingly beastly towards those who harm me or mine and disrespect the creation that sustains us! See Iron Maiden and W.A.S.P. below. Beastly dragon rising out of the sea?

The number 666 goes back to Glastonbury Abbey, the same Glastonbury where all those wicked free people gather to dance to the devil’s demonic music.😉 And there is a book, The City of Revelation that states that the beast rising out of the sea and Christ are one and the same.


We are fulfilling the book of revelation…and look who sold their souls to the devil   😉

Iron Maiden. “The Number Of The Beast”

“Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath,
Because he knows the time is short…
Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast
For it is a human number,
Its number is Six hundred and sixty six.”
I left alone, my mind was blank.
I needed time to think, to get the memories from my mind.
What did I see?
Can I believe that what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy.
Just what I saw in my old dreams
Were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me?
‘Cause in my dreams it’s always there
The evil face that twists my mind and brings me to despair
The night was black, was no use holding back
‘Cause I just had to see, was someone watching me
In the mist dark figures move and twist
Was all this for real, or just some kind of hell?
666 the number of the beast
Hell and fire was spawned to be released
Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised
As they start to cry hands held to the sky
In the night the fires are burning bright
The ritual has begun, Satan’s work is done
666 the number of the beast
Sacrifice is going on tonight
This can’t go on I must inform the law
Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?
But I feel drawn towards the chanting hordes
They seem to mesmerise, can’t avoid their eyes
666 the number of the beast
666 the one for you and me
I’m coming back
I will return
And I’ll possess your body and I’ll make you burn
I have the fire
I have the force
I have the power to make my evil take its course

W.A.S.P. “Babylon’s Burning”

Listen close to hooves you hear
Are thunders coming dread
John the Revelator’s dream
Had seen a terror vision
Of the spirit led
With wrath to reign
And with slaves to flame
They kneeled and sealed a kiss
Plagues and pain and fiery rain
And blaspheme on his lips
Babylon’s a-burning, Babylon’s a-burning
Six hundred 6, 6 and 7 seals
A pale rider and his horses sing
Babylon’s a-burning, Babylon’s a-burning
Six hundred 6, 6 the rising beast
Bears the mark of Babylon to be

Arising with the beast a sea of men
A bloody moon of red
A whore of Babylon to bleed the seed
And make ’em take the mark upon their heads
They bowed and kneeled a mark to seal
Their souls unto a kiss
With fire and flames and with
Souls to claim
And rise from the abyss

[Revelation 13]

And I stood upon the sand of the sea ……
And saw a beast rise out of the sea ……
Having ten horns and seven heads
Ten crowns upon his head
Who is like unto the beast?
Given his mouth great things to speak
If any man has an ear
Let him hear, let him hear


Who can fight the beast?

Now listen to what happened at Glastonbury…

“Is that Jesus on the water flowing with the poisons? Your saviour is waiting patiently. Wade in the water, God’s gonna trouble the water.”

PJ Harvey performing at Glastonbury a few weeks ago…

Damn right God is gonna trouble those who pollute and defile the pure water that He gave freely for ALL to share. Read all about it here…

https://ireneconstant.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/prophesy-dragon-coming-out-of-the-sea-gabriel-and-his-horn/ leading to ‘The Water of Life.’

Here’s our Matthew of The Human Revolution singing it. Water from the sky…”it’s a rich mans world and the poor child dies…water from the skies in a land bestowed by God…feed all of my people before you build another bomb…nick knack paddy wack give the banker a bone so he can pay the mortgage on his second summer home…”

…well the bankers and the earth polluters need to wake up to the fact that life is a circle, it goes round and around, and this being the end of the age of destruction, they need to turn around and begin putting back all they’ve taken out if they want their names to remain in the book of eternal life. Here’s the immortal Johnny Cash singing it…”Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers. One hundred million angels singin’. Multitudes are marching to the big kettle drum. Voices callin’, voices cryin’. Some are born an’ some are dyin’. It’s Alpha’s and Omega’s Kingdom come.”

Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down…Oh yes…

The Human Revolution~ Breathe

Also the Herb Wormwood is also known as Old Woman. I’m old.


Revelation 8 v 11. And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.


Well I AM going to make these water polluting, earth destroyers bitter!

This is only one example of the destruction these people have caused…
24th March 1989.
The Exxon Valdez oil tanker slammed into a reef on Alaska’s Prince William Sound, spilling up to 750,000 barrels of crude oil into one of the most pristine places on earth. Today, we remember that horrendous accident—considered to be one of the most devastating manmade environmental disasters ever recorded.


Hundreds of thousands of seabirds, otters, seals, whales, and bald eagles died as a result of the Exxon Valdez spill. Many people still remember television images of oil-soaked animals and beaches covered in black gunk. We hope that the Exxon Valdez spill reminds us all of the heavy price we pay when we drill in special places like Alaska and the Arctic.

Toast the earth with Exxon mobil…

Man, evolution and pollution…we are the aliens…😉

Fookin’ brilliant! Ooo I swore, I blasphemed! But I didn’t fookin’ kill anyone though did I all you murderous twazaks out there?! But it is FOOKIN’ BRILLIANT.

Yet hemp will clean it all up…oh, but mortal men have made it illegal!!! Ship of fookin’ fools they are! Here’s our Matthew singing it…

And here’s Henry Fords Hemp car that is run on hemp…

So folks, are you going to help this old woman to break through to the other side and gather the stars to give these mortals who feck the planet up hell?

Revelation. 12 v 4.
And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

I am calling a third part of the ‘stars’ of heaven or is that hell? Lol. To come back down to earth and stand shoulder to shoulder in this final battle of good over evil.

(Eminem sold his soul…

Fleetwood Mac…witches of the world…

Black Sabbath…they’ve always accepted there is a fifth member of their band, a spiritual member guiding them…4 mins in…

I could go on and on and on…just check out the video’s this ‘Christian?’ joker has done about our family in spirit who ‘sold’ their souls to the devil lol. These sort of ‘Christians?’

want everyone to comply with their rules of how people shoud live!

Listen to the music it tells a story…and General Levy and all the Rasta’s are part of our crew.


That’s my boys tellin’ ’em they’re gonna burn in the fire…love you lads…

And there’s more, LOADS more. xxx

Good words…from Cyrus Cameron…

“The state is scared. It was then, and is now. Did we win? The war on terrorism has struck a death blow to our freedoms, given democratic dictatorships the power to control us, keep us poor and govern us for THEIR wealth, security and well being. The one’s who created this mess still have their jobs. The one’s who defrauded us still are not in jail, while innocents go to jail for protesting their rights, to have their say. Arms makers keep making money on the backs of the poor who they send to war.”

Check out the Lions of Tarshish…

Albert Einstein. On Mystery.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.”

Young Lions…beautiful lions roaring…

William Blake…”and did those feet in ancient times”…prophesy…


Extracts…”We shouldn’t need poets to persuade us to do what we should want to do voluntarily out of love, compassion and simple humanity, but a study of history reveals that at certain times human beings have needed a Blake or a Harriet Beecher Stowe or a Lincoln or a Gandhi or a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to shock them out of their lethargy and apathy.”
“One of Blake’s lifelong concerns was to free the soul and its natural energies from the hidebound “reason” of organized religion. He hated the grimy, sooty effects of the Industrial Revolution in England and looked forward to the establishment of a New Jerusalem “in England’s green and pleasant land.” His personal religion was freedom, tolerance and the pursuit of happiness, without artificial limitations and impediments. To him, religious orthodoxy was like a speed bump in the middle of racetrack. He had a heart of all human suffering. But perhaps his greatest enduring legacy is his tender empathy for children, and his fierce, passionate defense of them.”

Exactly…my religion is freedom, tolerance and the pursuit of happiness without the artificial limitations and impediments that are laid upon us by organized religion and oppressive governance. Governments are servants of the people, to keep the nations running smoothly, for the good of the people…all the people, not just the greed ridden few!
So my hearties…would you care to follow me…and together we’ll tell ’em where to shove their their earth and people destroying weapons…

Welcome to my world. My God gifted me a universal orchestra to sing my second coming which is also written in the book. And it’s all happening in Little Britian…


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