Dear President Putin.

Dear President Putin,
I am aware that you are the only world leader who has been attempting to warn the people of all nations that we are being sleep walked into WW3. I applaud you for your attempts to warn the world.

But now, what with NATO and Trump, that prospect is closer than it has ever been!
However, your ally, Iranian President Rouhani’s predecessor Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad talked about the coming of the 12th Imam, coming as a girl, in his excellent speech at the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. I have attempted to connect with you many times since then because I happen to know that both you and I, Mr. Putin, were sent by God to avert this very crisis and usher in the golden age of peace and lasting security for all, as Mr. Ahmadinejad prophecied in his brilliant address, which certain ones, shamefully, walked out on!
But I was there during that terrible summer of 2014 Mr. Rouhani, I stood alone armed only with my pen against the aggressor…
However, as you are about to discover, I have quite a story to tell, the mystic Iranian nation will see the truth. As Mr. Ahmadinejad so beautifully put it…”The arrival of the Ultimate Savior, Jesus Christ and the Righteous will bring about an eternally bright future for mankind, not by force or waging wars but through thought awakening and developing kindness in everyone. Their arrival will breathe a new life in the cold and frozen body of the world. He will bless humanity with a spring that puts an end to our winter of ignorance, poverty and war with the tidings of a season of blooming.” “God Almighty has promised us a man of kindness, a man who loves people and loves absolute justice, a man who is a perfect human being and is named Imam A1-Mahdi, a man who will come in the company of Jesus Christ (PBUH) and the righteous. By using the inherent potential of all the worthy men and women of all nations and I repeat, the inherent potential of “all the worthy men and women of all nations” he will lead humanity into achieving its glorious and eternal ideals. The arrival of the Ultimate Savior will mark a new beginning, a rebirth and a resurrection. It will be the beginning of peace, lasting security and genuine life. His arrival will be the end of oppression, immorality, poverty, discrimination and the beginning of justice, love and empathy.”
I have to say to Mr. Rouhani however, that in this life, God sent me to be an independent woman, sexually ‘sinful?’, in order to show the mortal men who treat women as second class citizens, chattels to men, sex slaves even, once and for all time, that God loves His beloved daughters on earth and He made them to be equal to men…so woe betide any man who treats His precious daughters cruelly!
Mr. Ahmadinejad also shared in his 2012 address to the United Nations General Assembly, “a message that Iran’s great orator and poet, presented to humanity in his eternal two-line poetry: “Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul, If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain.”
Well my story is going to show humanity how totally true that poem is. Millions of humans with a higher vibration have been working together, on an unconscious spiritual level, to blaze my story, which is also written in the bible, across the sky via the songs of the stars on the airwaves…so that we can finally overcome war and injustice and bring peace to earth.
Here is Mr. Ahmadinejad’s outstanding speech in full in the link…
But yes, Mr. Putin, we DO need to tackle the likes of Isis and all the sick people who cause harm to innocents…but you forget…vengeance is mine saith the Lord thy God. God owns the eternal souls of these misguided fools. It’s like this…
Allahu Akbar, ISIS cry before they maim, murder and blow themselves to smithereens in expectation of a harem of vestal virgins as reward…lol…sorry lads, but being reincarnated to service a herd of shitty arsed cows is the very best you can expect, because yeah, God is great, great enough to tell you that unless you take the filthy, murderous abombinations that your bodies have become and go directly to beg for Allah’s mercy in spirit, then you will spend the rest of all eternity reaping all you have sown in the animal kingdom (food chain), with the awareness of a human for your crimes! You see, God didn’t lie when he said life is eternal, it is, even a blade of grass contains life. However, if you do the right thing and rid the world of the disgraceful, odious and repugnant monstrosities that your bodies have become, then one day in the future, when you have paid your spiritual dues for the harm you have caused to God’s creation and His children therein, then you will be allowed to reincarnate as humans again and come and join us in the dance we are bringing to earth.
I’m afraid it has to be said, that Isis etc., stand more of a chance of winning back their immortal souls than do the likes of Bush and Blair, because Isis and their ilk are the creation of Bush and Blairs crimes against humanity. As are the refugees who are presently homeless and stateless! Those two individuals have a whole LOT to answer too…entire nations laid waste!
I personally know that the type of people who carry on creating hell on earth, will not, in the greater scheme of things, be returning as intelligent life, when they eventually die, as we all do one day…on this planet or any other inhabitable orb in this vast universe. However, like I said, Isis, etc., who have lived in sour times, most of whom are piss poor uneducated people, stand more of a chance of regaining their eternal lives than do the intelligent ‘leaders?’ who know exactly what destruction their politics cause.

I have put the following open letter out to you several times over the years Mr. Putin. You clearly didn’t receive it! I hope ‘the word’s reach you this time because you have done good and you can do a lot better…but you have also gone astray…you need to restore the balance to save yourself. You CAN do it. Together we CAN save this sadly abused little orb from the ship of fools.
But as you are also well aware Mr. Putin, Gods creation is in her death throes (although this CAN be reversed). However, she CAN NOT take another world war!
Gary Barlow is getting in on the act on the Graham Norton Show. He wears a crucifix riddled suit as he performs Take That’s new single Wonderland.

So will we have Wonderland or WW3? Here’s how Russia and Iran react to Trump attack on Syria.



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